The Virginmarys.


GetAttachment  I’ve waited a long time for this three piece band from Macclesfield, England to kick start their ‘King of conflict’ tour, And it was worth every minute of my impatience.

“King of conflict.” is the bands first full album, Though you wouldn’t think so when listening to it, the album is very mature and defined in sound with some tracks in there you might expect to hear maybe two to three albums down the line.

We’re at the Cockpit in Leeds,and the venue is filling up nicely with people of all ages. As soon as the support act is over the place reaches capacity. It’s not hard to see that over the years The Virginmarys  have collected a nice gang of die hard fans that follow them from gig to gig and these fans definitely add to the buzz of the night.

VM'sUndeniable rock in it’s purest form.

The guys are a band that have music pumping through their veins and good honest music is what they want to deliver. For me, you can just about hear every decade of rock perfectly influenced into their music. Genres of music can be hard to define these days. The exception of this is The Virginmarys. With grit and passion driving every song, a night with them makes for a fantastic memory.

The whole set literally makes you you feel like you’re on the journey with them. From the explosive track like ‘Dead Man’s shoes,’ the hard hitting drum beat for ‘Bang, bang, bang,’ to the sexy ‘portrait of red.’ Nothing about the night will leave you feeling disappointed.

_DSC3275_webPut these guys in a small venue or with the masses at a festival. The result will be the same.


For me the real icing on the cake is the stripped back tracks on the ‘King of conflict’ Deluxe version of the album plus the tasty hidden track. ‘Ends Don’t mend.’ If you like a real goose-bump song listen to the stripped version of ‘just a ride.’ the writing is painfully beautiful.

What to expect from a night with The Virginmarys.  A roller coasting, hard hitting, sexy sounding, drum stick breaking honest musical ride.

Brought to you by. Ally Dickaty Guitar/Vocals
Danny Dolan – Drums
Matt Rose – Bass/Vocals

On tour now.


by. Ursula Sutcliffe.

Shout out to Tim Poprdan for the photography. You are a life saver.

I salute you.

I never thought I’d get back on here, turns out this world of blogging takes up a lot more of my time than I initially thought. I was trying to give myself, and you some awesome excuse as to why I haven’t given this the time it deserves and I came up kind of empty.

The truth is over the last few weeks I’ve just had, “Stuff.”

Said stuff.

I’ve made stuff

I’ve wrote stuff,

I’ve edited stuff

Then deleted stuff.

I’ve drunk stuff  then said stuff and then had to be reminded of said stuff. 

I’ve listened to stuff, really good stuff, then gone along to see really good stuff 

I’ve bought stuff. 

I’ve just done stuff but so have you. So here’s my high five for all you dedicated bloggers out there. 

I’m gonna try and not let my stuff get in the way.

Just like fizzy pop.

Just like Fizzy pop.

 Most of the time Ben is just like any other boy. He loves His friends and he loves going to  school.

Ben’s favorite time at school is, Play time.
Because, playtime is when he gets to play cars with his best friend, Sam.
Ben and Sam Play with their cars nicely, Most of the time.

Not today.

Sam takes Ben’s car.
Ben is not happy.
“Give back my car”! Shouts Ben.
“NO”! Sam say’s. “I want to play with it”.
Ben tries to take it back
Sam runs away.
Then…… something begins to happen to Ben.

Ben feels hot, the hot starts in his toes, Then the hot travels to his knees. The next part to get hot is his tummy, which all so makes his tummy a wiggle and a jiggle.
Ben’s hands close tightly into angry fists making them very hot. He feels the hot rising to his cheeks, his nose, his eyes. Until……………………………………POP FIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. BANG!!!

Ben is mad. Ben is really REALLY! mad. He chases after Sam
Ben pushes Sam.
Sam pushes Ben.
Ben pushes Sam back so hard he falls to the ground and begins to cry. Ben is still hot so he snatches the car back from Sam.
Sam cries harder.

Another Thing Ben loves about school is Mrs. Potts, but he doesn’t like Mrs. Potts looking sad.

Mrs Potts looks very sad.
Mrs Potts walks over to Sam and helps him up.
Ben’s hot has gone. He feels sad now.
Sam is sad, Ben is sad, Mrs. Potts is sad.

“Let’s go to my class room and talk,” say’s Mrs Potts.“Can you tell me what has happened?” 

“He took my car!” Ben cried.
“I had it first!” Sam wailed.
“No you did NOT!” Ben cries again.

“Now now.” Say’s Mrs Potts “I understand you both wanted to play with the same car but is that any reason to hurt each other?”
Ben and Sam shake their heads.
“Noooo but. I.. I ..I.. get so, so__”
“Mad?” Mrs Potts finished. Ben nod’s his head. “I feel like I’m going to pop.”
Uh ohhhh. “Just as I thought. You are just like fizzy pop.” Ben and Sam looked up at Mrs Potts.


“Let me show you.”
Mrs Potts gets two bottles of fizzy pop from under her desk and asks the boys to follow her outside.
With one of the bottles  Mrs. Potts shakes it up and down and side to side, then unscrews the top. The pop spray’s out so high and wide and fast the boys have to jump behind Mrs. Potts so not to get sticky wet.
Ben and sam start laughing. Mrs. Potts smiles at them before doing the same to the other bottle.
Up and down. Side to side. The boy’s close their eyes tightly.
“Now boy’s, count back from ten.”

10  9  8  7  6  5  4  3  2  1………

Mrs Potts open’s the bottle and the boy’s wait, and wait and wait..…
Nothing. Just the sound of a tiny little fizz.
Ben and Sam look at Mrs.Potts.
“You see how easy it is not to pop? You just need to count the anger down.”

next time you feel like you are getting mad think of the fizzy pop, if you count down from ten you  will feel just a little fizz instead of a pop.” Ben and Sam giggle. “Now then.” Said Mrs Potts “what do you think you need to say to each other?”

Well, What would you say to a friend you had hurt?

“Sorry Sam.”
“Sorry Ben.”
“Sorry Mrs Potts. Hey, can we play with the fizzy pop?”

The end

Have my middle finger 2013.

I do declare that the beginning of 2013 to be my worst yet.

It all started two hours into the new year when I slipped sending my gorgeous chicken and chips flying into the air and landing next to a very broken me lying on the floor in pain as people giggled behind me. (Nothing at all to do with alcohol I consumed or the 6 inch heels I was wearing I really did slip on something unsavory left behind by another new year reveler.)

Thank god for the man I married and my friend who got me back to the hotel and had me in an ambulance before I had time to think about what had happened. Any way three hours  later a very tired ER doctor told me I had completely snapped my left wrist. Most people would be happy to have their left arm broken, not me. I am a lefty. The next thing I know my friend and other nurses have their bodies straddled over me, not in a devotion of love way. No…….. They were holding me down while the very tired ER doc pulls my arm back into place. (Lets just say the girl from the the exorcist had nothing on me while that was taking place.)

Back to the hotel I go with a pot attached to my left arm and new dress that had been cut off me. God I loved that dress.

Ten days passes and I’m finally in hospital in my home town having surgery. Titanium plate inserted and a very nice five inch scar to show and I am sent on my way.

Being without the use of one of your hands is a nightmare but I am a person who likes to look on the bright side and thought to my self ‘Right ursy’! You can’t go to work for a bit you’re pretty useless to do anything in the house why not use this extra time you have wanted so badly and finish that book.”

One handed typing is a pain in the butt but not impossible right? Wrong. Take one good arm and one very painful other arm coupled with an array of pain medication and what do you get…………Nothing. I open my laptop I boot it up, I bring up the last thing I’ve written and__I stare  and stare and stare. I can feel words and thoughts and feelings stirring in the back of my brain, but try as I might these words will not flow onto the screen. I slam the screen down and scream which makes me tired so I head back to bed.

Since then two weeks has passed I have stop taking the pain killers and I’m doing my physio as instructed, I get my sister to come and pay me a visit so she can pamper me and get me feeling myself again.

After a day of plucking, cutting, dying and pruning I no longer resemble an Ewok with caterpillar eyebrows I actually feel some what like me again, so the next day I vow to use my newly found free time and do what I set out to do and write that bloody book. Except I wake up and feel like I have been hit with a sledge hammer. my stomach is doing a merry dance as if a hundred worms have made their way into my intestines. I stand and my head sways like I have just drank ten shots of tequila. All in all I feel like crap and have no doubt I have picked up one of the many bugs that seem to constantly circulate their way around the UK.

So here I find myself in bed for the best part of thirty-six hours watching every thing the telly has to offer. Reading is such a chore at the minute but moaning via the world wide web isn’t.

So before I dig out breakfast at Tiffany’s and then fall into another germ induced sleep I just wanted to say “F you 2013. I will have the last laugh.”


Memory chaser.

ImageTake me back home to where the air was mine

Instead of this polluted world that sucked my soul and called it a life.

In history my heart beat fast, I held wonder in my eyes.

Love was mine, to be taken, to be had.

Oh how I laughed……….

My straight road to bliss is broken with no turn in sight, I am blinded by the darkest light.

My heart longs for a place to beat.

My soul yearns to find a home with my other.

I breath, I blink, I move. Because that’s what life has taught me to do.

To live………..Again. Well, who the hell teaches you that.

Excerpt from the Memory chaser

By. Ursula Sutcliffe.

Cabin fever

It’s very hard to find interesting things to write about when you have been holed up with a broken wrist for weeks. The doctors tell me the titanium plate I had inserted is worth around four hundred quid. My worry is that due to slow pace of our financial climate my husband will try and weigh me in. Scrap metal is on the increase.